Market Introduction

Markets are as different as the people and the cultures themselves. The continuously coalescing world market and globalization, due to the rapid developments of the Internet and telecommunication within the last 10 years, allow in all countries the access to all markets. It becomes more and more common that Japanese orders a perfume from Italy or that a Swedish purchases fabric from South Africa via Internet.

Many global acting companies use meanwhile these opportunities. Good traffic is today nearly no more a problem. Traffic and transport ways are such short that goods and services are worldwide subject to daily trade.

Though that, markets must be examined very closely prior to a decision at international investments. The criterions of people pro or contra to a product can be very different.

Our indispensable duty is to examine the decision criterions in the investment country, such that a product can be adapted with its attributes to the needs of another country. As an example, a large car with a high gas consume is hardly competitive, however small cars in the USA would not attract the taste of buyers. Such differentiations are visible in all countries and branches.