Real Estates

All business fields around real estates are parts of our core business. We are the right partner in Turkey and Germany starting from the base idea until the stages demolition and re-exploitation of real estate projects of any type. We provide all services for our customers and partners from one hand by our very well and comprehensive constituted team from both countries.

The real estate market in Turkey has achieved a very rapid development, both in the field of business real estates and residential real estates, within the last 10 years. Many foreign investors and real estate funds have invested readily into shopping centres, business complexes, hotel facilities and other commercial real estates.

This trend continues further on in good locations and yield strong projects. The investments, made into big cities in Turkey as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa etc. during the last years are spread since a couple of years to the eastern, northern, southern, south-eastern region of Turkey. In South-East Anatolia, there are even projects realized, which clearly reach a 7-digit volume.

Turkey is nearly a market leader in the field of tourism and hotel facilities regarding the size, but also the quality. Worldwide market leader in the hotel branch have settled long times a go one of their main pillars hotels in Turkey.

In the next 5 to 10 years, new real estate forms, which would provide foreign investors secure, long-term but also rentable investment opportunities, will come into use. We may count leisure facilities, private schools and universities, senior citizen facilities, logistic real estates among these real estate forms.

The need for new flats and houses in the residential construction sector is still not met. Residential real estates with very bad construction substance, especially due to the static at earthquakes, must be restored in large scale. Also the share of very young people at the total population causes, that there will be need for construction for many years.