Germany is one of the trade partners of Turkey, and this since decades. The foreign trade volume grew to remarkable level due to the historical cooperation and trust, but also due to the 3.5 Million people from Turkey living in Germany. The trade relations got significantly easier by the customs union between Turkey and the European Union, implemented years ago.

The initial export goods from Turkey of 30 years ago like textiles, fruits, vegetables, food, have changed. Nowadays, along with others, machines, facilities, electronic goods and several high-tech products are exported from Turkey to the European Union.

A great number of goods are imported from Germany to Turkey in the other direction. Especially quality goods are appreciated in Turkey.

As the world grows continuously together and people get more mobile worldwide, the trade between the countries will grow more. Our duty is to keep these trade relations at the actual stand, to improve these and to care for that our customers benefit the most of it.

We free the ways for goods trade with our partners and eliminate barriers in trade between Turkey and Germany.