Turkey, with its coast of thousands of kilometres, like an open-air museum, the most beautiful beaches of the world, hospitality, best climate conditions and lastly the worldwide best hotel and leisure facilities, developed to one of the most popular holiday destination for European since decades.

Especially by the quality hotel facilities, golf clubs, modern airports and infrastructure projects, built along the last 10 years, the tourism sector got an economic driving force of Turkey.

Turkey gets more and more popular as a holiday destination. This is to be seen from the actual figures, which are published by the Ministry for Tourism in Ankara. According to this, sole in July more than 4 Million tourists were counted in Turkey; a plus of nearly 13% according to July 2007. Since the beginning of the year, about 15 Million vacationers found their way to the Bosphorus, which means an increase of around 15% compared to the same time period of the previous year.

By this, Turkey resists to the in common seen trend, according which the most destinations in Europe had a low growth rates this years, or, e.g. Spain, even had to accept a slight decrease.

The most of the Turkey vacationers in July came from Germany, which made of 16% of all tourists at the Bosphorus, followed by those from Russia with 12%. The Euro’s and Rubel, spent by tourists in Turkey come handy to the economy there as Turkey has to struggling with a very large current account deficit.

Antalya still holds unchallenged the first place among the holiday regions of Turkey. 35% of all booked hotel beds in Turkey in July 2009 were occupied in Antalya. The tourism sector in Turkey counts on continuance of this positive trend, so that the year 2009 has the best chances to be a record year for Turkey.

Along with the above mentioned positive development, Turkey offers investors with the construction of hotel and holiday facilities the best opportunities to achieve the desired profit expectations, or even to exceed these.

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