Renewable Energies

Energy got worldwide to a key subject during the last years. The need for energy of any type has increased immense due to the worldwide still increasing population, the technological developments, expansion of production capacities and the raising lining standards of people.

This progressive development can not be stopped anymore. Especially in countries like China or India, the need for energy has multiplied in the last 5-10 years. All countries, particularly industrial countries like the USA, European Union, have recognized due to the climate changes, that the world is confronted to an existential problem. In a foreseeable time, resources, from which energy is won, will exhaust.

Since that, renewable energies, which do not have or have only little impact on the environment, got under spotlight worldwide. These environment-friendly energy types are greatly accepted by all countries and people without exemption.

After several World Climate Conferences, programmes and encouragement opportunities, but also the further developments of the technology regarding renewable energies are implemented much faster than as accepted 5 years ago.

Turkey provides especially in the field of solar energy, wind energy and thermal energy the best preconditions worldwide. The closeness to European countries provides possibilities to export the surplus energy.

There has been much development in the wind energy sector in the last 5 years, and many wind-parks are established. Thermal energy is familiar to Turkey since decades and it has its own technologies.

Now, since not long ago, the solar energy accelerated due to the EU-Adaptation Processes. Yet this year, the energy feeding acts will be adopted. Many holdings in Turkey are about to enter this new market.

We particularly deem the solar electricity sector as especially attractive. Locations are sufficient available and solar facilities are able to be mounted on each roof of houses, but also on roofs of plants, without any technical problem.

For that, investors should invest in this country of future. We provide consultancy and develop with our partners the most economical solutions. That’s what you can count on.