Building Services Engineering

It is worldwide to observe that the technology was carried from West to East during the last 100 years. There did not change much at this movement direction. Only Far-East with countries like Japan, Korea, China, India etc. have developed themselves to industrial nations, too.

The following emerging countries like Eastern-Europe, Turkey, Brazil, continue to develop technologically. Turkey converted during the last 10 years to an investor friendly country and gained so much from Europe regarding technology.

In building services engineering, it is so far to apply the same technology. A lot of German companies are meanwhile active and produce also in Turkey.

There will be much development in the fields of energy facilities regarding building services engineering, heating systems, solar- and photovoltaic facilities within the next years.

Though the rapid development in Turkey in the field of building services engineering, e.g. Akıllı Evler which means Intelligent Houses, the technology in Europe and Germany continuously develops and keeps the role of a forerunner. Therefore, there will be always the need to transfer technological developments between the countries.

This duty is exactly what we made to our target and continue to work on.